Three Reasons not to Fear Dental Implants

Of all the procedures and services offered by the dentist, dental implants perhaps have the worst and most unfair reputation. Most of what anyone knows about dental implants is that they’re incredibly sore to have placed and that you should be afraid. Very afraid. “This is MOST unfair,” explain implant dentists, “because getting dental implants is no more painful than having a tooth extracted! Not only this, we do everything in our power to ensure that a patient enjoys a total pain and anxiety-free experience.”
Reasons not to fear

They’re Always Placed Using Anesthesia

Alright, so you’ve been told that one of your teeth has to go. Or perhaps you’ve already lost one in an accident or to tooth decay. Whatever the reason, you are facing the need for dental implants. First and foremost, a dentist will not place a dental implant without the use of either a local or general anesthesia, depending upon the complexity of the case and the number of implants being placed. This is because the procedure is invasive. Anesthesia negates the pain, which is not only beneficial to the patient but the dentist as well who can now provide the treatment a patient needs, without getting his or her fingers bitten off.

You Have the Option of Conscious Sedation
Many people suffer from dental phobia. In fact, it is more common than uncommon for a patient to experience some anxiety or fear before or during an appointment. So, many dentists offer conscious sedation as a service in addition to the placement of dental implants. Benzodiazepines – the common ingredient in anti-anxiety medication – can be administered orally or intravenously, offering patients a psychological and physical holiday from reality and from the fears that cause them such acute discomfort. With sedation, getting implant dentistry is hardly an ordeal at all, say, dentists!

Modern Surgical Protocols Have Drastically Reduced Post-Procedure Discomfort and Recovery Time
In addition to the measures mentioned above, the very nature of the surgery used to place dental implants has changed drastically. Newer and more sophisticated techniques have been developed. More and more dentists are working with computer imaging software, which enables them to visualize and understand a patient’s unique oral problems and jaw bone structure. This helps them to plan in much better detail the procedures followed for the placement of dental implants. A more precise surgery means fewer incisions and sutures, which not only drastically reduces postoperative pain and discomfort, but also the amount of time spent in recovery. While one cannot reasonably expect to experience NO pain during their journey from gappy to happy, there is ample measure available to combat this discomfort. You will be sent home with prescription pain-killers.

A Final Note on Dental Implants

Without the threat of pain and anxiety, what reason do you have to put off your visit to the dentist? Dental implants offer the most comprehensive and long term solution to missing teeth so grit those teeth and get the best treatment available so that you will enjoy many decades of beautiful and healthy teeth!

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